My mini OE (Part 1)


It seems pretty strange being back in Europe and I can hardly believe that only a week ago I set off from Hamilton. Strange in n many ways – but mainly because it is the first time in many years that I am travelling alone, without Nigel or the children. I did worry how I was going to fill all those hours on the plane – maybe there would be too much time to think?! – but with back to back films to watch on the little screen in the back of the seat and plenty of wine and food offered by the immaculately turned out Singapore airlines hostesses, I need not have worried. The time flew and we were soon in Singapore with four hours to kill before my connection out to London. I whiled some time away tapping a belated blog post out, which I guess you have already read. Then decided I needed to stretch my legs a bit – had a wander around the shops but managed to keep my money in my pocket (Nigel will be pleased to know!) was tempted by a massage but opted in the end for 30 mins on the treadmill and a shower. Certainly felt better for raising my heart rate and getting the old circulation going, shame I won’t have time to do the same on the way back.


Climbed on board the plane to go to London and found my seat over the wing – looked out, as you do , and did a double take – the wing was immense! I don’t know much about planes but this one definitely seemed bigger than I’d ever been on – turns out it was the new Airbus. It is pretty impressive; very smooth, very spacious (though the seats are still quite short), very smart but the wings are the most amazing! How can anything that big get off the ground?!

Anyhow get off the ground it did and landed beautifully as well even though I was convinced we weren’t going fast enough to take off! We were greeted in London by an overcast sky but all went smoothly and I soon found myself in the Tube on my way to meet Liz at Paddington Station. This was when I wished I had wheels on my hand baggage – but I finally negotiated steps, escalators, getting on and off trains, crowds of people rushing here and there to arrive Chez Liz at Swiss Cottage. A nice cup of tea mmmm!

Catch up time!
Part 2 : Une semaine chargee mais reposante

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