Part 6; On my way home


Well here I am, sitting in a First Class National Express train from Leeds to King’s Cross – free Wifi so I might as well make the most of it! I’m surrounded by business people wheeling and dealing on their phones, buying food on their business accounts and generally sounding important! I enjoy people watching, or more to the point on the train, listening. Interesting to hear their voices and to imagine what they look like – the image you get in your head when you hear a voice can be quite different from reality! The person behind me has just been caught out travelling on the wrong time train and has had to pay the full whack to get the correct ticket! Harsh! But I guess it all go down to expenses! I feel a bit disconnected really, three weeks without Nigel and the boys is a long time and I felt it deeply on Saturday night at the wedding. Suddenly had this overwhelming sense of loneliness and not quite belonging. Everyone else was there as part of a couple or a family, the children were all playing, dancing, laughing together and Lachlan and Aonghas weren’t there to join in. But I’m getting maudlin – it’s the end of a long and emotional journey and I feel very tired. (we’ve just gone past a field full of gloriously red poppies – wow! That’s cheered me up immediately!) It was lovely to see a large contingent from the Lucas clan but a real shame that nobody from Dad’s side could come. Brilliant to see old friends such as “The Dubbers”, Joan, the Browns, Mickey and Lilian, Mrs Pouncey and Amanda. Didn’t get chance to talk to everyone though so apologies to anyone I didn’t catch. It’s always the same isn’t it? You see people across the room and mean to get over to them and the next time you look they’ve gone! I will be spending this evening with Liz again in Swiss Cottage and then a very early start to beat the Tube rush hour to get to Heathrow. I’ll be there a long time before I need to be but better that than fighting through the writhing masses in the Underground with two suitcases!

Just spotted some train spotters at Grantham station – the world has progressed – they have a camcorder instead of a little dog eared notebook! Still look like train spotters though!

Think I’ll settle down to watch Amelie now to prepare myself for my Sixth Form next week. Au revoir!

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