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Hi there, this is Lachlan speaking. I’ve been doing lots of sport. First of all I did a swimming sports day at the Victoria Street Municipal Pools. It was the school inter-house competition where I had great fun and I came 5th in my race in Breastroke! I also competed in the school sports Day on Monday at Porritt Stadium. I came 2nd in my 80m hurdles race and 2nd in my 2000m steeplechase. I had a good time because I like doing sport, I was with all my mates and it was a great atmosphere and there was a water jump in the steeplechase. I also entered the javelin, long jump & 100m sprint, I was going to enter the 300m hurdles but the bus didn’t get there in time so I missed it. This week and last week I went to Hamilton Hawks Athletic club which is at Porritt Stadium. I have learnt how to use starting blocks and today I did a 2,000m run in 9 minutes.

Our first mobile week!
  • Hi lachlan
    Glad to hear the sport is going well. We miss you in 8b1 – the girls get far more points than the boys in competitions now!!
    I am teaching them tomorrow so will try to remember to get them up to date with your news – I know your main friends will hear from you anyway but it will be nice for the others to know it’s going well.
    Hello to all the family
    Miss Stephens

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