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Some folks stayed over at our empty house and we head off to Inglesport for a last caver’s breakfast. Managed to pass on a usable bike and kids scooter at the same time! Saying goodbye isn’t easy – moving away has its downsides too 🙁

Saturday Day


House empty, work finished – seems like a good place to start writing this. First of all thank you to everyone for all your kind words, messages, help and meals over the last few weeks We’re staying in a caravan at Silverdale for our last week in the UK. The weather has been pretty wet but there have been some excellent winter sunsets over Morecambe Bay.

Sunset over Morecambe Bay from Silverdale

Today I’ve been spending some quality with my brother while we drive up and down to the tip all day getting rid of the piles of junk and rubbish that even we’re too embarrassed to take with us! Also need to get ready for tonight’s party – and collect some balloons!

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