Peace and quiet …for a wee while!


Well I find myself alone at home in the peace and quiet – a rare moment!  It is the end of an endless week but the time seems to be flying by and there are now only 4 weeks until the next holiday!  Practice exams are over, seniors are back full of good intentions after getting their exam results, the juniors are restless and ready for the reality of longer, warmers days that we have had  but a glimpse of in the last week or so and we are all looking forward to the opportunity to get outside and shed some layers.  But the climate is fickle and capricious; do we dare to shed the layers and feel hopeful, or will tomorrow bring a change of wind and a drop in temperature?  Who knows, but I, at least, take every scrap of sun and warmth and milk it for all I can!

So why am I alone in unaccustomed peace, you might ask?  The answer is that Nigel left for Australia at 6am and the boys are at squash coaching.  The peace will be short-lived as I will go and pick them up in half an hour, but we are without Nigel for a whole two weeks.  He is attending a string of conferences in various places in Oz over the next 15 days and conveniently has 4 days with nothing to do in the middle!  Good planning!  He had trouble packing as he couldn’t work out how hot it was going to be, poor thing!

Meanwhile, the boys and I will cope I am sure, and we are starting off this weekend with Aonghas’ hockey match and then a caving trip in Shangri-La in Waitomo – I’ll try and remember the camera this time!  Looking forward to it, will let you know how we get on.  Right then, better go and pick them up ….. Oh forgot to say I have two new children ,,,, a little soldier and a little girl!

A Trip to the Snow
Shangri La

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