Possibly mad….?

Boy drumming on red drum kit
Beat Boy

Well, the boy has a drum kit!  He has spent the last 18 months pestering and we have resisted big time.  However, he has been doing his junk mail delivery round for a year now and has his own money.  He saw an offer in the  local music shop on a starter drum kit before Christmas so he decided he would  spend his own money on it.  Have to say that we had hoped that being away over the holiday period would serve as enough of a hiatus for him to forget again!  Not a chance!  The first – well not quite the first, but one of the things he said when he was sitting in a cold stream freezing his proverbials off when he got scalded on Christmas Day was; “Do you think I could get that drum kit now?  You know, because I have been really brave?”.  Well, what can you say?  So, we found the same chain music shop in Nelson (the offer was only until the end of December) and arranged to have a set couriered to Hamilton.  Picked it up today, assembled it and he is now ensconced in the garage, Youtube tutorials on the laptop, tapping away!  If I close the garage door and the kitchen door, put the radio on and keep busy, I can shut the noise out!

Actually, I am quite impressed with how in time he is but think we will have to get some of the mats you can put over the drums to dampen the sound down….

Oh, and Gus bought Nigel a ukelele for Christmas – not sure which is the worse noise…?!

Happy New Year 2013
The one that got away…

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